I was born in Torrance, California in 1993, and I have been a California resident ever since. As a kid, I always watched my brother draw cartoons and random things in his sketchbook, and I soon grew fond of the idea of drawing as well. And when my parents bought me my first art kit (complete with pastels, crayons, pencils, and watercolors), I was nothing but eager to try my hand at the trade. However, like most most 8-year olds, I had no real sense of what made a functional drawing or painting; needless to day, my works resembled those of a stereotypical beginner. With no real sense of color, composition, perspective, or well...anything, I began to take pointers from my brother and dad.
    My dad had always been passionate about painting and drawing, for it was one of his favorite pastimes when he was growing up in India. Using his own experience with art, my dad began to teach me the fundamentals. In his spare time, he taught me how to shade, draw from observation, and create more functional pieces of artwork.
    However, it was only until I started taking after school art lessons that I began to understand what the whole field was about. At 10 years old, I joined my brother's art class by taking my first formal lesson with a local artist in his classroom. This was when I began taking art seriously; from an early age, I wanted to create things that few others in the world could create, and I wanted to see things in different ways. I took the same lessons for about two years, and during this time, I began to further my understanding of art in general. By the age of 12, I began to master the basics of color, shading, and observational drawing and painting.

    Soon after these lessons, when I was still 12, my parents enrolled me and my brother in a different art class with another local and renowned artist. This time, I was allowed to join the adult art class that took place in a gallery not far from my house. In this class and under new instruction, I continued practicing similar understandings of art--only this time--at a higher level: I was the youngest in the class by about 40 years.

    Again, after about two years, my parents and I decided to switch to another local artist. By this time, my brother had gone off to college, and his art interests switched from painting and drawing to cartooning and graphic design. But I still continued to pursue the fields or drawing and painting. In this third and most recent class, I am focusing on refining my techniques and continuing my art education in general.

    All this while, I have been participating in my middle school/high school art program that offers studio art. My studio art teacher has always been very supportive of me, and she allows me to practice and further my skills, adding her own constructive criticism or thoughts.

    My parents, family, and friends have always been active supporters of the things I do, and they are the main reason I have had so much success in the field today. They, along with all teachers I've had along the way, have pushed and kept me on the right track. Thank you.

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